Commercial Property Management

In our commercial division, Stonewall actively manages 27 commercial units consisting of retail and office space. With the ability to operate and manage our commercial division in every capacity, it makes the life of a commercial real estate property owner extremely easy. The extent of most of our client involvement is picking up the phone and getting a monthly, weekly, and even daily updates of their property. From accounting, taxes, commercial construction/and maintenance, NNN cash flow management, to just about any item you can think of, Stonewall truly is a one stop shop in the commercial enterprise.

Stonewall Property Group LLC offers a wide range of services to ensure the efficient and successful operation of its managed properties to include:

  • Personnel Management – The company seeks the best qualified, experienced and motivated employees to manage and maintain your property. All prospective employees undergo criminal background searches and are drug tested at a certified testing facility. Employee performance is carefully monitored and continuing training is provided. Payroll management, including tax withholding is managed by the company. Benefits are offered to employees in order to attract competitive candidates.
  • Advertising and Marketing – The company will create a marketing and advertising plan tailored to the local market and the needs of the property in order to attract qualified prospects and eliminate dependence on fee basis locators and brokers. A large component of the plan will address resident retention, the most cost effective means of achieving occupancy.
  • Accounting and Reporting – Accurate records of revenues and expenses are maintained in an automated management software system which is capable of producing detailed financial reports for owner clients. These reports can be tailored to the needs of the clients and produced regularly on a monthly basis or as requested.
  • Maintenance and Repair – The company will closely monitor and supervise maintenance of the property with particular attention to the need for regular inspections, a scheduled preventive maintenance program and maintenance of the grounds and exterior in order to maintain a favorable “curb appeal”. In the event large projects are undertaken which require the services of independent contractors, the company will screen and select vendors based upon qualifications, experience and bid pricing. All independent contractors will be properly insured and bonded.